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September 13, 2005

The Company’s negotiating committee has been meeting with NABET’s negotiating committee in an effort to reach an agreement and avoid a strike. Our salaries are far above the industry average for markets of this size as well as above the other Freedom stations. Our business is changing, new technology and our relationship with the network demands that we change how we operate. We have been cutting both non salary and salary costs in other areas of the station. We have no choice but to address the NABET costs as well but have structured the offer to minimize the impact on employees.
WRGB is committed to continuing its operations. We want to do so with our current employees. If a strike is called however, the company will begin to hire permanent replacements so that operations may continue. A striking employee who has been permanently replaced has no right to return to work at the end of the strike until a new opening has occurred, even if a new opening does not occur for months or years. We must service our customers. The decision to strike or continue working is up to you.
You should also be aware that in the opinion of the legal counsel of the Company all employees enjoy of the following rights:
   To become or remain a member of NABET.
   To resign from NABET.
   To participate in a legal strike without fear of discrimination by either NABET or the Company.
   To work during a strike. If an employee has resigned as a member of the Union, it is unlawful for a Union to fine the employee for crossing a picket line to work during a strike. On the other hand, members who have not resigned may be fined by the Union for working during a legal strike.
   Employees who resign from NABET and work during the strike would be entitled to keep their jobs and receive the same wages and benefits as those employees who continue to strike and return to work after the strike ends.
  If the strike is settled with NABET, all employees would be entitled to representation by NABET after the strike ends whether the employees had resigned from the Union or not.
If you have any questions about these legal rights, please contact the National Labor Relations Board resident office in Albany at 431-4155 to confirm this opinion.
We hope that NABET will accept the Company’s final offer so that all employees can continue working and supporting their families.