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NABET-CWA Local 21 members reject offer

December 19, 2005 -- Monday evening the members of Local 21 turned down the Company's latest offer with 30 NO votes and not a single YES vote.  Wage cuts and a reduction of the minimum number of full-time employees were primarily responsible for the outcome.  NABET will continue the "Turn Off CBS 6" campaign asking viewers to inform the General Manager that they will not watch the station until the dispute is resolved.  In addition, sponsors are being asked to suspend their advertising during the conflict.
A member of the Local present at the ratification meeting sums up the feeling of the membership:
"I felt that Monday night was a defining moment in this struggle.  As we went through the contract page by page and heard about the problems in dealing with the Company, I think the focus of those in the room shifted from the pay cuts to the realization that the Company felt it did not have to deal with us fairly, that it could thumb its nose at the collective bargaining process.  As [Business Manager Joe] Rosemarino said, we're a 'nuisance.'"
"I think the unanimous no vote indicates the members are willing to fight not only for fair wages but for the principle of sitting at the table, bargaining in good faith, being treated with respect and having a voice in their future."