9/17/2005 Press Release
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Contract talks between NABET-CWA and WRGB have reached a virtual standstill. At issue are proposals by the Company for changes to the pension plan; and many take aways including wage reductions of up to 15 percent (15%).

NABET-CWA represents 44 Photographers, Engineers, Operators and Editors  at  WRGB.

The Company stated at the bargaining table that they are able to pay raises to our employees, yet they are proposing wage cuts.  The Company’s proposed wage cuts are based on a National Association of Broadcasters survey of television salaries across the country in similar-sized markets without regard for the cost of living in the Capital Region.

It was rumored that the Company was going to bring in out-of-town replacement workers in the event the Union went on strike.  The Company sent a letter to the represented employees homes on Thursday which read in part:

“WRGB is committed to continuing its operations.  We want to do so with
our current employees.  If a strike is called however, the company will begin
to hire permanent replacements so that operations may continue.  A striking
employee who has been permanently replaced has no right to return to work
at the end of the strike until a new opening has occurred, even if a new
opening does not occur for months or years…”

 The represented Employees will continue to work, but will encourage a viewer boycott of the programming and sponsor suspension of advertising on WRGB.  We are asking viewers across the area to turn off CBS 6 / WRGB until the Company gives their workers a fair contract.

 For more information contact:


William Murray

Staff Representative

(202) 316-8243


Peter Hutchins

WRGB Chief Steward, NABET-CWA Local 21

(518) 248-3198